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We are happy to share with you information on the first ever virtual Assembly. President Chartrand has said: “COVID can take away our Hugs – but it can’t take away our Gatherings!”

Here you will find information being shared at this Assembly, including some of the fun activities being planned around our two-day gathering.

The MMF hosts the largest Assembly of Metis Citizens across the Homeland. As is our tradition, close to 3000 Metis Citizens from across the province gather to meet with their Government to give their guidance on the path forward. We are proud that our Assemblies are open to all Metis Citizens of the Manitoba Metis Federation. While registration for this virtual Assembly has limited capacity, it is the priority of our President and Cabinet to ensure everyone can participate.

If you are not a registered delegate – don’t worry! Our Assembly will be streaming live the full two days – March 27 & 28, 2021.

You can access the link to the livestream three ways: 1. The MMF Website 2. This Website and 3. Watch it live on our Youtube Channel

Download a copy of the MMF AGA 2020 Report here.

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Message from the President

What to Expect at our First Virtual AGA



1. An Annual General Assembly (“AGA”) of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. (“MMF”) will take place virtually on Saturday, March 27th and Sunday, March 28th, 2021.

2. The AGA will commence each day at 9:30a.m. and continue to 4:30p.m. unless adjourned by the Assembly at an earlier time.

3. The business to be conducted at this AGA will include:

► Appointment of Chair and Co-Chair;
► Remarks from Dignitaries;
► Acceptance of Agenda;
► President’s Address: State of the Manitoba Metis;
► Minutes of the previous Annual General Assembly (2019);
► Report from various Cabinet Ministers;
► Presentation and Review of Financial Statements and Audit;
► Appointment of an Auditor;
► COVID-19 and Economic Update;
► Consultation and Presentation of the Proposed Resolutions for the Fall
2021 AGA; and
► Such other business as may be required and is brought before the AGA.


Due to the existing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, this AGA will be held virtually by video conference. The MMF Cabinet has deliberated on the style of this meeting which limits the number of Manitoba Metis Citizens who can participate.

We typically have over 2,500 delegates attending our AGA. Unfortunately, a virtual meeting of this size cannot be held. However, it is very important to the MMF Cabinet that the voices of the Manitoba Metis Citizens be given an opportunity to be heard.

All Active Local Executive members are eligible and are encouraged to participate. Additional attendees may attend by invitation only as may be required.

Recognizing this is a virtual AGA, the MMF Cabinet has decided to limit resolutions and constitutional matters to be only for information and consultation purposes at this time.

This will allow for greater participation of Manitoba Metis Citizens when our traditional Assembly takes place.

A detailed Agenda will be sent out in the near future. MMF IT Support will be available to assist Local Executive members and other required attendees with any technology issues which need to be addressed to ensure full participation at the AGA. We anticipate returning to host our in-person AGA’s in the near future and the MMF Cabinet will continue to re-assess the COVID-19 risks in the coming months in preparation for an in-person Fall 2021 AGA.

The MMF Constitution, Article XII General Assemblies directs that notice from the Regional Offices must be postmarked to each Local at least 35 days before the date of the AGA. To this end, each Regional Office must send notice to the Locals no later than Saturday, February 20, 2021.

Don Roulette
Executive Director
Manitoba Metis Federation
February 11, 2021

Behind the Scenes at the MMF Annual General Assembly

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